The Mural

 "A Beautiful Phenomenon: Girls Bee Free"

11 S Washington, Ypsilanti Mi

Student Artwork

A Masterpiece ypsiglow | Student Art Work

Kyren-"Masterpiece" Takis challenge inspired. the colors in Takis intrigued me.

The Art students | The Be Creative Studio

Student signing the Ypsi Glow Mural.  We couldn't be prouder of you Morgan.

blurb | Student Art

Morgan Hargrow- "Blurb"
Inspired by her new found love and lessons about the Ombre and its smooth contrast and transitions of tones by using one color.  Morgan believes that displaying this on a large scale would be an amazing sight to see. Also, she feels the Ombre remind her of peace and the things coming together!

student art work ypsi | The Be Creative Studio

Gable- "Balance"
His inspiration for the artwork was both rainbow and balance. TO incorporate the colors of the rainbow, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, yet breaking from the norms of a traditional arching rainbow.

Student Art Work | Be Creative Studio | Ann Arbor Mi

Jordan- "New Age"
Inspired by two comic book heroes that impacted his life and society as a whole. Miles Morales and Static shock both have big impact on society in different ways. Static shock and Spider-Man were two of the first black comic book heroes to circulate in mainstream society.

Ypsiglow Butterfly | The Be Creative Studio

Lanay-Jah- "The Butterfly"
Inspired by her favorite colors, blue and purple. They remind her of clear blue skies and lavender flowers. She believes that butterflies represent family members that have passed and the mark of rebirth and transition to something beautiful yet so complicated as a butterfly.

Community Love!

It is a beautiful statement of the joy and power of women and girls of color in our community.
It truly shines a light on the creativity of Ypsilanti youth and the hope they bring for our future!

~ YPSIglow

True art from the heart.  So very honored that My'Angel is a part of this wonderful, amazing, #Mural of life. 
Just uplifts and bring out our community in the bestest ways colors are beauty thank you so much for this forever gift!

~ Sabrina F. Govant

This is so beatiful, Curtis. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

~ M. K. Clark

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