Curtis Wallace- Be Creative Studios, Ypsilanti Michigan

Curtis Wallace is the artist and creator behind The Be Creative Studio. Curtis works with students of all ages, preschool all the way up to senior citizens.  He is determinded to use his artistic gift and wisdom to help people let go of self doubt and anxiety, and show them how to explore their talents and lean into their own unique creativity.   His approach to art is based is positivity and affirmations, leaving the old ways of right or wrong approaches in art in the past.   Curtis Wallace from Ypsilanti Michigan is a black male award winning artist. Curtis's work can be found hanging in homes around the world, at the Ann Arbor library and outside murals in the Ypsilanti community.

Black male artist Curtis Wallace teaching art in Ypsilanti Michigan

"Be safe! Be Kind!   and BE Creative."

Curtis Wallace from Ypsilanti Michigan spent many years working in the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor school distrists teaching art and yoga.  Blend together Curtis's love for teaching, artist gifts, positive outlook and strong connection to the Ypsilanti commuinty, he created the Be Creative Studio.

Artist Curtis Wallace | The Be Creative Studio painting a Black Lives Matter mural

The Be Creative Studio offers art experiences for students age 3 and up.  Classes are both online and in-person, they host private and community experiences.

The pandemic forced Curtis to pivot and expand the scope of the studio.  He was able to pivot and offer more online art classes.  Through online classes Curtis was able to teach 2nd and 3rd grader art classes, taught virtual classes across the United States and over seas.

the be cretive studio artist curtis fingers snap virtual studio


When asked for his bio he said "I hate bios"...... so we invite you to watch this instead.

Curtis's latest:

As a Black artist, with an extensive public school teaching background, he is able to reach out to diverse communities of students. He is looking forward to teaching a class with you.


.Curtis is also an illustrator for children's books.