The BLACK Rose Garden Project at Alley Bar

You just buzzed that QR code, nice!   

Find one of us below to learn more about the BLACK Rose Garden Project, merch and more about the Be Creative Studio.

Curtis Wallace | The be Creative Studio

Curtis Wallace

Curtis is our main feature tonight.  Not only is he the artist of the Black Rose Garden, he is the CEO and mastermind the Be Creative Studio.  Be sure to find Curtis and say hello! 

Erica Calu

Erica Calu

Erica loves yoga, is a world traveler and can be found helping in all aspects of the Be Creative Studio.  Look for that beautiful red hair and say hello! 

E'rikka | The Be Creative Studio

E'rikka Gordon

E'rikka aka 'Sassy' is here to help answer questions.  Please feel free to ask her anything about the artwork.  Also ask her anything about Prince.  She loves Prince and we love her.

Angela Risk

Angela Risk

Angela is here tonight to help support Curtis and the Be Creative Studio on this journey.  Find her and say hello as she tosses the Mom card out the window for a night.

Thank you for being here. Now lets have some fun.