Be Creative Studio

Mission Statement

The Be Creative Studio is a creative space for communities and creatives to support each other through high quality interactions, classes and art, bringing diverse individuals and groups together to create an atmosphere of shared pride and sustainable creativity. The Be Creative Studio is dedicated to mentoring youth, urban revitalization, and strengthening community.

Happy Girl Smiling in the Be Creative Studio

Take A Class

We at the Be Creative Studio want to bring the fun. That’s why we choose painting subjects that are on-trend, off-the-wall, and always buzz-worthy.   Check out some of our favorite work, or dare we say…masterpieces.

Meet Curtis

Curtis Wallace is a creative, teacher, yogi and the founder of The Be Creative Studio. He strives to make meaningful connections with his students and lasting relationship in the community. Curtis Wallace’s fine art can be found in the Ann Arbor Public library, BLM marches and more.

The Colony | Be Creative Studio

The Hive Vibe

That's the sweet stuff.  Yoga, meditation, art, painting, learning and creativity all wrapped up in one hive.  We work together to polinate our community with the gifts we find inside of each other.  The Vibe Hive is a place where we are most free, we invite you to join us and make some honey of your own.

Vision Statement

A honey bee colony is a social organism that thrives as a group. And we think that is awesome! Just like a strong beehive we have gathered a group of people to help further the mission of Be Creative Studios. Together we call ourselves The Colony, Curtis is the Queen Bee, instructors and volunteers are the worker bees and the sweet stuff that you get to take home is the honey.

art classes for kids In Ypsi | Be Creative Studio

Artist, yogi, teacher and entertainer.

Founder of Be Creative Studios

Elisa | Be Creative Studio

Elisa Guyton

Heart centered warrior goddess of light.

Instructor at Be Creative Studios

Artist Alysia | Be Creative Studio

Alysia Yvette

Artist, teacher and polinator.

Art Instructor at Be Creative Studios

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A big thank you to our generous funding partners. With support from these organizations and contributions from people like you, Be Creative Studios will continue to provide engaging, affordable art-making education opportunities. Thank you for helping us achieve our mission to make art making accessible to everyone!

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