Meet The Be Creative Colony

A honey bee colony is a social organism that thrives as a group. And we think that is awesome! Just like a strong beehive we have gathered a group of people to help further the mission of Be Creative Studios. Together we call ourselves The Colony.  Come on and check out our hive.

Meet the Be Creative Colony

Curtis Wallace | Be Creative Studio

Curtis Wallace, CEO/ Lead Instructor

Born in Flint Michigan and raised in the Ypsilanti community for over 34 years. Art and creative advocacy for over 27 years.

Alysia | the Be Creative Studio

Alysia Yvette, Lead Instructor                       

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Marketing, Sales & Tech

Quisque velit nisi, Designer

Angela Risk, Designer

Get in touch, let's have a coffee together & talk abot your project

How can we help amplify your voice. Perhaps there is a bit of intrigue around a certain creative space when you are near it. Maybe a hobby that you'd like to explore in further depth. Lets meet up and figure out how we can pollinate and cultivate your creative interest.